New project: the Block & Mortar web3 newsletter

Posted by Q McCallum on 2022-05-23

A few weeks back I mentioned that I’m working on some new projects and, as such, the blog would be a little quieter than usual.

The first of those projects has just landed:

I’ve launched a weekly web3 newsletter, Block & Mortar, with longtime friend and colleague Scott Robbin!

Scott and I have been in the emerging/disruptive tech space for two decades now. We’ve witnessed the early-day internet boom, cloud computing, mobile, and ML/AI. Most recently we’ve been exploring web3, and we’re excited about it.

Much like its predecessors, web3 has its growing pains. But we also see the potential for it to shape our lives over the next decade.

Every Tuesday, Block & Mortar will bring you a roundup of the latest web3 news, plus our commentary and explanations. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and metaverse – we cover it all.

This isn’t some rosy web3 hype piece. We know you want to understand the ups and downs of this new field so that you can apply it to your business. And that’s precisely the sort of news we cover.

We invite you to subscribe at , where you can also read the archives.