Block & Mortar (web3 newsletter) update

Posted by Q McCallum on 2022-07-25

In April I launched a weekly web3 newsletter with Scott Robbin called Block & Mortar.

We’re twelve issues in and still going, which is great!

While I’m still very much professionally involved and invested ML/AI – my consulting practice is, I’m happy to say, going strong – working on Block & Mortar limits the time I can dedicate to writing blog posts here.

My point is that I have not abandoned this website. I have a few short posts in draft form and I hope to release those later this summer. I also have some longer pieces that will probably appear on O’Reilly Radar, or possibly in series form here, so keep an eye out for those.

I certainly appreciate everyone who reads this site and I hope to get back to some kind of regular update schedule (weekly or otherwise) at some point.

Also, on the subject of Block & Mortar: Scott and I are working on some workshops and coaching plans for companies that want to apply web3 technologies – metaverse, blockchain, cryptocurrency tokens, and NFTs – to their business challenges. (Similar to how I approached ML/AI, our web3 work is focused on finding practical business use cases for this technology. These won’t be crypto hype sessions, but places to understand how web3 can impact your business and your business model.)

Feel free to sign up here and we’ll let you know when those workshops are ready for release.