Weekly recap: 2023-10-29

Posted by Q McCallum on 2023-10-29

What you see here is the last week’s worth of links and quips I have shared on LinkedIn, from Monday through Sunday.

For now I’ll post the notes as they appeared on LinkedIn, including hashtags and sentence fragments. Over time I might expand on these thoughts as they land here on my blog.

2023/10/23: An update to “Will AI Help Here?”

Is your company thinking about using AI, but not sure where to start? I’ve assembled a free guide to help.

Earlier this year I condensed some blog posts (and several years’ thinking on this topic) into a one-page, quick-reference website called “Will AI Help Here?” Six questions will sort out whether it’s time to embark on your AI journey.

The thing is, I’m not a web designer. And I knew that. But I figured it was more important to get the content out there and help people, than to worry too much about the formatting.

(Formatting which was, to be completely honest, reminiscent of the last time I’d done any serious web development. Which had been [redacted] years ago.)

That was then. I recently had the time to update the site. Check it out!

Will AI Help Here?” (https://willaihelphere.com/)

To be clear: I am still not a web designer. And the site still has a laundry list of to-do items on the books. But at least now it looks easier on the eyes.

Huge thanks to Frank Wiles of RevSys. He not only clued me in to Tailwind CSS, but he’s also offered some web design wisdom along the way.

2023/10/26: A reminder that content moderation is hard

I wrote up a little something on AI-driven content moderation:

A reminder that (AI-Driven) Content Moderation Is Hard