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With so much data analysis (“analytics,” “data science,” “big data”) in the news, it may be tempting to ignore its potential (that would be a mistake) or hire a bunch of data scientists and hope everything works out (an even bigger mistake). Your best best is to understand what data science can do for your company and how to get there, then carve out your path. That’s where I can help.

The following are examples of how I can help your organization with its data analysis needs.

If you are just getting started with data …

  • perform a data assessment: As a first step, you’ll want to make sure you collect the data you need to answer your questions. We’ll make sense of what data you already have, review it for quality, and explore ways to enhance and improve your data collection processes. Along the way we may find sources of untapped opportunity and revenue (ways to turn raw data into actionable information and profit).

  • develop your data strategy: This is your road map to using data analysis in your firm. It aligns analytics to the business mission. Based on your business model and other concerns, the data strategy describes what to do and when to do it. We’ll work together to understand your current data, understand what other interesting data you could be using, determine what roles you’d need to hire, and otherwise prepare you for your first data projects.

  • project scoping: Do you have a rough idea of a data project? I can be an extra set of eyes to scope out a concrete plan. We can identify potential roadblocks up-front, and maybe find ways to expand the project to yield greater return for you.

  • buildout and bootstrap: lay the groundwork for your first data efforts: I can, in some cases, bootstrap your analytics team by building data pipelines and outlining your analytics infrastructure. This will smooth and shorten the on-ramp for your first analytics hire.

  • handle data hiring (build your analytics team): In this tough market for data hiring, I can help you sort out roles, write job descriptions, and interview candidates for your team.

  • serve as your interim/consulting analytics lead: This would cover all of the above, from strategy to liftoff to hiring, after which point I hand off the shop to the full-time hire of your choice.

If you’re already runnning data projects …

  • data scientist mentoring: Especially in smaller, younger companies, members of your data team may feel lost. I can serve as a mentor to your data practitioners and leaders, guiding them through day-to-day affairs as well as larger decisions.

  • project review and reset: An analytics project – even a proof-of-concept – can be a complex affair, which means there is no shortage of opportunities for it to stall or even fail. I can perform an end-to-end assessment and provide an external, unbiased plan to correct your course.

  • data product guidance: If you’re building a data-themed product or service, you have concerns above and beyond running an internal data project. I can review your plans for technical, business-level, and ethical challenges and explain how to address them.

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