consulting: ML/AI assessment

Looking for an extra set of eyes?

Have you built your own ML/AI shop, and now you’d like an to see how you stack up to industry norms?

Are in talks to buy company, and you need an impartial review of their ML/AI work?

Or, maybe you’re looking to evaluate and restructure your data team, in the wake of recent budget cuts?

Talk to me, I can help you get insight and reduce risk in your ML/AI efforts.

I’ve been in the data field since the term “Big Data” was still getting its legs. My consulting practice is built on all aspects of helping companies with their ML/AI efforts: analyzing data, evaluating models, and bringing executives up to speed on how to use data in their business.

You can leverage my industry experience to inspect a company’s data team, practices, infrastructure, and models. This will confirm what’s working well, spot potential problems, and identify new opportunities.

What goes into an assessment?

With an ML/AI assessment, I can:

  • Identify disconnects between your business model and ML/AI efforts
  • Review your existing ML/AI team’s structure and skill set
  • Review your technical data infrastructure
  • Evaluate your practices for building and deploying models
  • Summarize those findings, plus any recommendations, in a report
  • Review that report with you
  • Hold follow-up meetings with you and your team, to see how you’ve progressed since the initial review

“Why is this useful for my existing data team?”

Your ML/AI team is full of smart, motivated people and you have faith in their ability to execute.

At the same time, they can still miss things. An ML/AI assessment can give you peace of mind about possible lingering issues, shed light on new approaches your team can use, and highlight opportunities to restructure or grow your team for greater efficiency.

Through an assessment, you can confirm that your team is engaging in industry best practices and that their work is actually connected to your business model.

“Why is this useful for an investment or merger scenario?”

Sure, the company may have a strong pitch deck, and they may genuinely believe in what they’re doing … but it’s still possible that there are some rough spots in their implementation.

Wouldn’t you like extra assurance that their ML/AI work aligns with their business model and meets industry norms? You want to confirm that their ML/AI offering is grounded in reality, and not just the latest data hype.

An ML/AI assessment can uncover issues during the due diligence phase, allowing you to more accurately price risk into the deal and protect your investment.

If you’d like an ML/AI assessment …

Please contact me to get started.