new book on the way: Parallel R

Posted by Q McCallum on 2011-07-05

As promised, I have an announcement:

It’s a book!

Well, more like, a book-to-be. I’ve signed on with the fine folks at O’Reilly to publish Parallel R. It’s all about giving R, everyone’s preferred open-source data analysis tool, a parallel boost. If you’re doing large-scale work with R, then likely you’ll want to read this book. Especially if you’d like to blend R and Hadoop.

This will not be a solo venture: my partner in crime will be none other than Stephen Weston. Even if you don’t know him by name (and really, you should), there’s a good chance you know his work: he wrote the R packages nws, foreach, doSNOW, and doMC.

Look forward to more announcements over time.