consulting: reducing risk, uncertainty, and inefficiency in data science/ML/AI

Hello, I’m Q McCallum. I help companies reduce risk, uncertainty, and inefficiency in how they use data science/ML/AI.

Data can be a powerful, transformative force for your business. It can also involve a lot of questions, hurdles, and wrong turns. It helps to have a trusted guide.

If your company is starting (or resetting) its ML/AI efforts, then we should talk.

I’ve been in the data field since the term “Big Data” was still getting its legs. My consulting practice is built on all aspects of helping companies with their ML/AI efforts: analyzing data, developing predictive models, assessing existing work, explaining ML/AI to executives, and connecting data analysis to their business model.

my approach

Companies often take a one-dimensional approach to ML/AI: build the team, deploy some models, done. That exposes them to unpleasant surprises that crop up later.

I take a multi-dimensional approach to explore the full picture of what happens before, during, and after developing models. My experience extends beyond the technical realm, into the business model, ethics, and deployment concerns.

This approach increases your understanding of your opportunity, your risk, and your TCO. And you can make better decisions when you have that full picture.


Work with me to improve your chances of success while reducing strategic, operational, and ethical risks:

  • ML/AI Assessment - Uncover potential problems and missed opportunities. Suitable for M&A/investment decisions as well as general peace of mind. (details)

  • Executive workshops - Unlock your company’s ML/AI potential, develop your data strategy, and uncover data ethics problems.

  • Fractional Head of ML/AI - Ideal for companies that are on the first steps of their ML/AI journey.

  • Data Project Spike/Research - Looking to build a predictive model, or test an ML/AI idea? I’ll help you scope out and execute that data project, then hand it off to your internal team for long-term maintenance.

  • Resource on Retainer - Get a trusted guide for your executives and data scientists.

my target audience

My work is best suited for companies ranging from startups to established, mid-sized operations.

next steps

Now that you know more about me and what I do, how can I help you?

Please contact me to get started.