consulting: reducing risk, uncertainty, and inefficiency in data science/ML/AI

Put ML/AI to work in your business. Improve your chances of success with new products. Identify and recover stalled projects.

ML/AI can be powerful, transformative force for your business. But it requires new knowledge, new ways of thinking, and new discipline. This might be why the vast majority of data projects never make it to production and adoption of ML/AI continues to pose a challenge.

Hello, I’m Q McCallum. I help companies reduce risk, uncertainty, and inefficiency in how they use data science/ML/AI. If your company is starting (or resetting) its data efforts, you need a trusted guide on your ML/AI journey. Let’s talk.

I’ve been in the data field since the term “Big Data” was still getting its legs. My consulting practice is built on all aspects of helping companies with their ML/AI efforts: explaining ML/AI to executives, connecting data analysis to the business model, guiding product teams, developing predictive models, and performing due diligence existing work.

Your time, effort, reputation, and money are on the line when you invest in ML/AI. You don’t have inifite tries to get it right. Work with me to increase your chances of success, while reducing your risk, uncertainty, and inefficiency.

my approach

Companies often take a one-dimensional approach to ML/AI: build the team, deploy some models, done. That exposes them to unpleasant surprises that crop up later.

I take a multi-dimensional approach to explore the full picture of what happens before, during, and after developing models. My experience extends beyond the technical realm, going into the business model, product, ethics, and deployment concerns.

This approach increases your understanding of your opportunity, your risk, and your TCO. And you can make better planning decisions when you have that full picture.

If you don’t plan your ML efforts, the money you invest is just an expensive lottery ticket: highly unlikely to pay off.


Work with me to improve your chances of success while reducing strategic, operational, and ethical risks:

  • ML/AI Assessment - Undergo due diligence to identify potential problems and missed opportunities. Suitable for M&A/investment decisions as well as general peace of mind. (details)

  • ML/AI Product Consulting - Move beyond standalone data analysis and into AI-based products! I’ll bring your Product team up to speed on what’s possible with ML/AI, work with them uncover opportunities to embed this technology into your service or app, and steer them clear of common ML/AI pitfalls.

  • Executive workshops - Unlock your company’s ML/AI potential, develop your data strategy, and uncover data ethics problems. Get a deeper understanding of what is truly possible with AI, so you can see where and how this transformative technology fits into your business model.

  • Fractional Head of ML/AI - Ideal for companies that are on the first steps of their ML/AI journey, when they don’t have enough work to merit a full-time hire. I can build out your company’s data practice, prepare it for my successor, and mentor your team along the way. (Available on a retainer basis.)

  • ML/AI Research (Project Spike) - Looking to test an ML/AI idea, or build a predictive model? I’ll scope out and execute that data project, then hand it off to your internal team for long-term maintenance.

  • Custom Engagements - Need something that’s not listed here? Please contact me with a description of your idea, your proposed timeline, and budget.

my target audience

My work is best suited for companies ranging from startups to established, mid-sized operations.

next steps

Now that you know more about me and what I do, how can I help you?

Please contact me to get started.