consulting: data strategy, buildout, and assessments

I help companies develop their capabilities in data science, machine learning, and AI. I do this by providing executive-level guidance, building ML models, and performing assessments.

If your company is pondering its first steps in data, or if you have plans to (re)build your data team, I can help. Work with me to get your company’s data efforts off the ground and keep them moving.

Think of me as that person who comes in before the first data scientist joins… and who’s still there to guide you as your organization grows.

ML/AI Assessment

I'll review your data projects, team, and infrastructure to spot potential problems and missed opportunities. Ideal for M&A/investment decisions as well as general peace of mind. [more details]

Executive Guidance

We'll work together to unlock the ML/AI potential in your business model and company mission, by developing a strategic road map of your data efforts (including their required datasets, skills, tools, and infrastructure).

Fractional Head of ML/AI

I'll bootstrap your new ML/AI department, or take the helm of your existing efforts. This involves working with executives and product teams to lay out your ML/AI vision, building infrastructure, and executing data projects.

(Ideal for companies that are smaller and/or on the first steps of their ML/AI journey.)

Analysis Project/Spike

Tech teams refer to a short, focused effort on a particular question as a "spike." If you have an idea for a data project (a first look at your data, building a predictive model) I'll scope it out, perform it as a spike, and hand it off to your in-house team for long-term maintenance.


We'll work together to develop job descriptions and interview candidates.

Mentoring & Advisory

I'll share best practices and serve as a trusted guide for your executives and data scientists alike.

my target audience

My work is best suited for companies ranging from startups to established, mid-sized operations.

If you’re looking to get started with data, or to make the most of your existing data efforts, we should talk.

Don’t wait until you’re far enough along that you need a full-time analytics lead. Work with me on a fractional, consulting basis to give you the guidance you need before you build that data team.

next steps

Now that you know more about me and what I do, how can I help you?

Please contact me to get started.